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Since we offer other various services, rates are quoted on a project per project basis.  

It all depends on what you need for your project and when you need it.


If you would like a quote, please fill in the form below.

Please include your name, company, contact info, as much information as you can about your project, the services you would like from Visual Champagne, and your project's timeline.

Please be as specific as possible.


We will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote via email.

Our free consultations are the first step in realizing exclusive, cultural, and socially relevant designs that foster our clients' economic goals.


Visual Champage™ utilizes novel ancillary package formulas for performance artists.  Our concepts build on  dynamic aspects of their brand identity and timeless elements of the musical genre they encapsulate.


Our work with independent filmmakers is focused on interpretation.  We conceive novel designs for character-driven technology integration, graphic novels, logos, and other assets for the visual communication phase of creative financing.


In so doing, we emphasize confidential and encrypted communication to protect our clients' intellectual property discussion process.


You can choose between telephone, email, or video call consultations using the Signal App, a trusted free, end-to-end technology used by innovators and journalists to ensure confidentiality.  


To schedule, a consultation contact us: 646-450-8207.



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